Carel Cella Range Ultra EVD expansion modules


UltraCella is a modular platform. It’s easily expandable and upgradable with additional contents thanks to the new mechanical modular concept.
CAREL electronic expansion valves, thanks to well-known improvements of performances of refrigeration system, are now widely common in commercial refrigeration applications in general and in the cold rooms in particular.

Ultra EVD expansion Module is an add-on expansion module. It can be added beside UltraCella. It’s easy to assembly and connect, granting the outstanding energy saving results of CAREL EXV.
The module can be assembled on DIN rail directly or pre-assembled before wall mounting, thanks to special plastic inserts and 3 wide bypass holes for a comfortable and safe wiring, while IP65 of the complete set is granted.
Internal power transformer is included and already connected;

  • Model with EVD EVO display, with commissioning of EVD EVO by its own HMI.
  • Model without EVD EVO display, with commissioning of EVD EVO by UltraCella.

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